Monday, February 24, 2014

Mobile journalism and its extending reach

Journalists seem to pick different aspects of the job and spin them until the next big thing comes along.

A few that come to mind:
Video journalism, photojournalism, focusing on the web, breaking news online, social media strategies, etc.

I’d say mobile journalism is a current focal point among journalists.

During Augusta’s week of iced over roads, power outages, falling trees and two earthquakes, I realized how important it was to focus on mobile journalism.

We all relied on our 3G/4G to catch the news on our smartphones (probably near a car charger) with a majority of our audience (and our staff) without internet or TV access.

We watched our market reach (just over 701,000), grow as soon as app/livestream numbers came in.

In five days, our app saw 794,042 sets of eyes and 25,996 livestream views.

In seven days, our website had more than 1.2 million pageviews, about 750,000 unique visits and just over 9,000 livestream views.

We made an effort to get everything up online ASAP and worked on the app continuously. 

The ice has melted, the ground has stopped shaking and our light switches actually work again.

In one week, I found the reason behind the big mobile journalism push.

From paper to television, from a laptop to your smartphone-- the options are there and plentiful. You just have to offer the most effective product for each. 

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