Monday, October 14, 2013

Twitter snark among journalists

I follow some pretty amazing journalists on Twitter.
Twitter snark

I enjoy seeing what they’re working on right now, new technology tips and even photos of their burnt dinners. I laugh when they make fun of themselves or point out some sort of blemish in their competition’s work with a quick, but poised 140-character tweet.

Lately, I’m see a whole lot of mean on Twitter from some amazing journalists. The people I’m talking about have thousands of followers. Is it worth it to be ill-mannered for everyone to see?

We all work so hard to gain respect in our field while being ourselves at the same time. Sometimes it’s worth it to ghost tweet.

Ghost tweet (v) /gōst/ /twēt/
  • To write a tweet and delete it before publishing to the social media platform Twitter
"I was so pissed. I just ghost tweeted a felt a lot better."

After reading a few mean-hearted tweets to either followers or fellow journalists, I thought about the people who met their all-time favorite artist in person and were disappointed.

I saw avid writers tear down fellow journo addicts and definitely lost a little respect for them.

Maybe I think too highly of these journalists. We’re all humans. We all have really bad days. I just hope people realize each rude tweet that’s published is sent to the thousands of people who follow them.

I’m not going to link to the tweets I’ve seen because we could all learn to think before we tweet.

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